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In the Depths

In the depths we find ourselves
Never in the shallows do we find
In the shallows we live thinking of us
Where we are safe from letting go
Only in the depths of a bane existence
Do we find ourselves swallowed
Way down deep we meet the One
The One who shows us truth
With only a letting go and a latching
In the depths we find ourselves

R. AuBuchon Jr
May 2020


The Used To Do

The conversation went something like this … “Yea I used to run mile and miles!”  I could see on this friend’s face what he was thinking. “You ran? When have you run old man?” I told him I used to ride my road bike 35-75 miles at a time.  Same look on his face.  We talked a bit more of his current feats of health and interest, and then he asked, “If you used to run and ride a bike, why did you stop?”  Bingo!  He had me!  I had no good answer other than I just quit.  Yea I could say well my health in the past 10 years hasn’t been good, heart attacks, knee surgeries, but those should be reason all the more why I still run and ride.

I admit, I used to do a lot of things … once an avid photographer in the darkroom (film) and light-room (digital), wood worker, poet (haven’t written one or  ready one in a long time), journal writer (moleskine journals are best), water colorist and more!  Why I used to keep this blog spot up daily.

I guess maybe we quit doing things because of time, interest, busyness, job changes, etc.  My point is this … maybe its time to start again.  Get the bike out, running shoes, camera, pen to pen poetic words or journal a life event and even get the dry watercolors wet again.  Maybe it’s time to start doing the “used to do” again.  How about you?