The Used To Do

The conversation went something like this … “Yea I used to run mile and miles!”  I could see on this friend’s face what he was thinking. “You ran? When have you run old man?” I told him I used to ride my road bike 35-75 miles at a time.  Same look on his face.  We talked a bit more of his current feats of health and interest, and then he asked, “If you used to run and ride a bike, why did you stop?”  Bingo!  He had me!  I had no good answer other than I just quit.  Yea I could say well my health in the past 10 years hasn’t been good, heart attacks, knee surgeries, but those should be reason all the more why I still run and ride.

I admit, I used to do a lot of things … once an avid photographer in the darkroom (film) and light-room (digital), wood worker, poet (haven’t written one or  ready one in a long time), journal writer (moleskine journals are best), water colorist and more!  Why I used to keep this blog spot up daily.

I guess maybe we quit doing things because of time, interest, busyness, job changes, etc.  My point is this … maybe its time to start again.  Get the bike out, running shoes, camera, pen to pen poetic words or journal a life event and even get the dry watercolors wet again.  Maybe it’s time to start doing the “used to do” again.  How about you?



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