Look to See

Vacation always provides less distractions of the hum-drum life of where we live allowing us to see new things.  While on vacation in Navarre Beach, Florida I am always taken back by the beach, ocean and sky particularly.  Scripture after scripture flood the mind as I see such God-glorifying sights.  Of course I like to photograph many of the sites I see …

I was awakened by the mighty sound of the surf perpetually pounding the shore … the waves touch the shore and then recedes … God controls the surf as well as the day events. Give Him praise you His people!

Here’s my point to think on … Look To See … no matter where you are, at home or on vacation, God is always displaying His glory all around us and in us.  So stop now and “look to see!”


2 thoughts on “Look to See

  1. thesweetpeas says:

    I’ve not been looking. Perhaps here and there in nature I see His glory and work, but I am not looking in the every day. Will make adjustments.

  2. Valerie AuBuchon says:

    The whole scene is mesmerizing every time. Love sharing it with you.

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