Sweet Smelling

A few weeks ago while in a Sunday morning worship service I closed my eyes to reflect on the words I was singing as well as my God. As I reflected I began to sense a sweet citrus smell in the air. It was refreshing at the moment. As I opened my eyes I took note of a father in the chairs in front of me peeling an orange for his little boy. I smiled at the father and son exchange over a piece of fruit.

As I smelled the smell I realized it was a gentle reminder of how my life is to be lived … a sweet smell to my Father … as well as to others.

2 Corinthians 2:15
Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.

~ Bob

Forget Yesterday – Live Today

Don’t  you dislike the conversation of some people who always drag up the past of their lives?  They talk about their past hurts, pains, frustrations and who did them wrong.  I have to admit they are irritating and I’d like to say, “Get over it and get a life!”

Now I admit I have this conversation with myself almost daily!  I am constantly telling myself as I spew my past to my inner self … “Bob get over it and get a life!”  Some days I just have to quit talking to myself and walk away!  I find myself irritating on some days … and truth is if I have ever talked to you about such past things it probably irritates you too!

Why am I like that? Why are we like that?  Maybe it’s because the past is easier to live in than the present.   It’s like a broken welfare system where it’s easier to live there than get busy building a  new life of living today.  Maybe we like licking our wounds rather than healing our wounds to live a better life today.  It’s much easier to keep yourself in the chains of yesterday’s “been done wrong” than to saw or chisel away to freedom that says, “One thing I do is to forget yesterday and move on into today …” (Philippians 3:13)

My friend AP has the right idea … “forget yesterday” and by that he doesn’t mean he erased the past, but rather he refused to let his past take the lead of his life today.  This is my friends is a biblical principle I/we must choose everyday to live in the today.  Changing my thinking can change my life’s aim … it’s called “live today!”  It’s challenging I know! But the more we “forget yesterday – live today” we will find we’re getting a new life and we’ll also find we have moved away from our past. And when the past comes visiting … remind it you don’t live there anymore but your moved and you live in the today.

Here’s a tweet I read this morning … stop thinking, “someday,” start thinking “today.” Do something 2day 2 make the most of this opportunity. (@marklesher)  Now that is beautiful and to that I say to myself and you … “Forget the past and live today!”


Love & Loved

Thoughts of Christmas have danced in our heads for months with the merchandizing world having displayed their decorations and more. Some have great disdain for such timing while others have a great love for Christmas and its pageantry. Regardless of what one may make of this holiday, Christmas is about love. Now many will declare that they love the gathering of families, the spirit of giving and let’s be honest we love the getting too. We love the colors from red and green to gold and silver that brighten our houses, as well as the songs from the sacred to the secular as we find ourselves singing along. And who doesn’t love to see the wonder and surprise in a child’s face be the lighted Christmas tree or the unwrapping of a present. Yes, there is so much we love about Christmas. But I’d like to ask us for a moment to set aside all the things we love about Christmas to realize Christmas isn’t about what we love but it is about who loves us. You see the true meaning of Christmas is, “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son …” God’s love is real big, immeasurable, unending, and there is nothing you can do for God not to love you. Over and over throughout the Word of God we are told the truth about His love for you, me and the whole world. To believe in Christmas is to know Jesus came to love you, die for you and offer you the greatest gift, eternal life. Believe in the Christ of Christmas! So I hope as you love all the different things about Christmas, you will be reminded that Christmas is about who loves you! Merry Christmas!


Are You Making A Difference?

The past few days I’ve been questioning myself as to whether or not I am making a difference. It’s an inside question, not intended to seek out pats on the back or words of affirmation. It’s just an honest question, “Is what I’m doing making difference in someone’s life?”

This questioning came about after listening to a segment on NPR titled, “Treating Kids’ Cancer With Science And A Pocket Full of Hope” … where it is stated of Dr. Jim Olsen … “he’s made it his life’s goal to change things.” The article is powerful and riveting with a seated challenge to be a person of difference … that is making a difference in people’s life.

The question I asked myself was “Am I making a difference?” The answer I gave myself was, “Make a difference where you are and you will make a difference everywhere.” I’ve been asking people around me if they believe what they are doing in life is making a difference in someone’s life? I’ve found some like me question if they are making a difference.

This morning Ken, an older friend, told the following story of which I defined, “Now That Is Making A Difference.” By the way I had not asked him the question … he just asked if I had about 3 minutes to hear a story. I’m glad I stopped to listen.

Ken said he had taught Middle School Sunday School for over 20 years because at first no one wanted to teach it, so he did. He then said it became a passion for his life, and many times he only had one student attending. In this time the church he attended hired a youth minister and Ken was anxious to help him build up the ministry. They had been given the name of a single mother who had two kids. They were told that the daughter was mildly retarded. After meeting with the mother, they met the woman’s son and daughter. The son was a lively soul and was nicked named “Animal” in the youth group. However the girl, in Ken’s words was a bit rotund and not social who stood in the corner saying nothing, even when talked to. The two youth began attending. Ken stated that at first no one connected with the girl. She stood in the back of the group by the wall. He figured she was learning nothing, but he kept trying to talk to her and encourage her. He discovered that she was not mildly retarded as some has suspected but shy and bashful. In Ken’s words, “that girl went through every training we had for youth from 7th grade to a senior and when she graduated from High School she applied with Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and was given a scholarship. She graduated and went to work for a ministry working with unwed mothers from the streets of Chicago. Ken said, “She’s still working to make a difference in people’s lives.”

I was stunned, shocked and encouraged by the story and thought, “Now that is making a difference!” I shared with Ken my questioning about making a difference. He simply said, “You are one person at a time.” I pray so.

“Make a difference where you are, and you will make a difference everywhere.”


Temporal Times

Temporal times … float by without notice until one day you are awakened to the fact that who you once were is not who you are today.  It’s a reality to face not fend off but to accept, embrace and live.  Yes I like all others are growing older, ripening to the age of soon to be 58 in a month or two, maybe three.  My goal is to make it to 60 if God be willing, and if I get my butt in gear and lose some weight for all that awaits me is possibly another heart attack.  Call it as it is, denial … “It will never happen to me” but reality is its happened twice to me … two heart attacks and on a personal note I really don’t care for another.  So motivation is a not all that encouraging, but maybe accountability will be.  Soon to see, hope and be.

Live Today … tomorrow is not yours

Lost In Translation

I remember Greek classes … a somewhat of a an attempt to translate the Greek scriptures into a readable language of my own … aka English.  The intent was not to merely translate words but to translate the meaning behind the original words …  let’s call it application.  That was years ago … I do not translate the Greek any longer, other than an occasional word study in the Scriptures.  Which leads me to my point for this short blog … have we lost translating God’s  Word into our lives?

My pastor began Sunday speaking on the dreams God plants in our hearts to accomplish His work and how at times we might lose sight, bury or forget the dream.  Interesting how God works as I began reading the book of Acts this morning and was stopped in Acts 2:17 as it seem to reference me … “and old me shall dream dreams.”  It seemed to fit my life age as I am now 57, but am I dreaming dreams is what grabbed me?  As I read Acts 2:17-21 I jotted a few notes … prophecies, visions & dreams are not based upon my whims and wants but upon the Spirit directing my heart to see, uncover, the dream of God He has planted in me.  What is God’s dream for me?  This I know, it centers not on me, but on the work of Christ.  The translating of God’s Word into my life should always help reveal the dream of God in me.  Maybe it’s time to rediscover the translation of the dream God set for me long ago.  Will you find your dream?  It begins with the translation found in God’s Word.

– Bob

Water = Life


Don’t overlook the obvious when Jesus asks for a drink of water at the well in Samaria. The obvious is … Jesus was thirsty. Jesus identifies with our humanity which is the level we must identify with others. My spiritual condition was the same as the woman at the well … a sinner in need of the water of salvation. Jesus offered her living water as He did me.

This June 23-29 a team of living water recipients from Canopy Church will travel to Leon in Nicaragua to help dig/drill a clean water well with Living Water International. The point of identification with those in Nicaragua will be our humanity … like them we all want and need clean water. I cannot help but to believe our team will meet the woman at the well who hurts in her humanity. It is my prayer that we will be able to offer her and others a drink of clean water and the living water of salvation, both in Jesus name. My heart beats with excitement what God has planned for us in Nicaragua.

Proverbs 25:25
Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty.

– Bob

If God would put on your heart to financially support me and my son Sam in this mission endeavor email me, bobaubuchon@gmail.com for information.