Murphy’s Law?

Psalm 107:21-22 Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them. 22 Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and sing joyfully about his glorious acts.

Have you had one of those day’s that if something could happen it would happen?  Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law at work … “If anything can go wrong it will.”  I don’t really believe in those kind of laws … but I do know that in this life we are tested, tried, and too often found wanting (see Daniel 5:7).

Yesterday my pastor gave the admonition to live beyond thanksgiving  with “thanksliving.” Thus describing it as thanksgiving attitude moving into our actions of living a thankful life.  The emphasis of the message was “Thanksliving at Home”  We were asked to ask ourselves, “Does my life at home express an attitude and action of thanksliving?”  From a shared list Pastor Herb encouraged us to offer spiritual sacrifices (1 Pt 2:5) of ourselves, praise, relationship, sharing and saying sorry.  All these actions are note worthy in the home-life as well as the work-life for thanksgiving to be thanksliving.

All great stuff for living life in a grateful mode … until I went to work.  Then Murphy’s Law dressed in red showed up and began to peck away at my “giving & living” of being thankful.  Now I’m always thankful for my job, I really am … but I am not thankful for all that goes with my job.  And you guessed it … stuff began to happen … not so thankful attitudes of others, work details that seem to fall on me … and in a few moments time the notes, quotes and laws of thanksliving were crumbling away.  But then I remembered a word of summation I penned in my journal notes during the message … “DO, NOT IN DUTY BUT IN JOY”.  Perhaps it sounds silly, but I prayed silently … (it would have been cool to bust out like a Moses figure and pray … “Lord! Smite these less than thankful creatures!” But I knew I would be smitten too!!) … “Lord You gave me this job, help me carry out being thankful in my living right now.”  I remembered what Pastor Herb said, “Thanksliving speaks of our relationship with those we love.”  I can say, I love the Lord, I love the family He has given me to help provide for through this job.  Remind me Lord to be thanksliving even in Murphy’s Law … as You are Lord of all laws.

- Bob

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One thought on “Murphy’s Law?

  1. Valerie AuBuchon says:

    So grateful for His work in your life and mine. Love you Bob.

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